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Smart traveling data recorder & Companion App

Smart traveling data recorder & Companion App


A smart traveling data recorder with an interactive companion app to control and display the collected data on car speed monitoring.

Project Duration

Nov 09 - Nov 30, 2017 (3 weeks)


How Idea Formed

The problem is many car accidents happen due to drivers lack awareness of their driving habits, not familiar with bad habits which are extremely dangerous when driving at high speed. A car traveling data recorder is extremely important when there is no witness. The function of traffic recorder is to record various images and record the track of the vehicle. When accidents occur, the image saved by the car recorder will be the most powerful and direct evidence. In particular, major traffic accidents also provides evidence for insurance companies to make claims more accurate and quick. It is also a kind of fun to keep track of everything in the journey.  The idea of the smart device is to use traffic recorder to monitoring car movements and collect data while the traffic recorder recording daily scenery.


Identify the user

  • Drivers and their family members. 
  • Service jobs: truck drivers, bus drivers, uber driver, etc.
  • Aggressive drivers:  teenager, senior, road rage, speeding grandma, etc.

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Based on the user research and personal driving experience, the smart traveling data recorder would look like a general full-screen GPS Navigator with an HD camera. The device will automatically record car speed and distance. The device will automatically turn on when the vehicle launched. The drive mode is activated automatically when the vehicle is in motion. The companion app will display data on the app and generate the trip report, the daily report and weekly report. Recorded videos are automatically synced to cloud storage and users can easily access from the companion app. The app also generates safety tips from each trip traveled.


Data Being Collected

  • Avg. Speed
  • Time traveled
  • Hard breaking event
  • Sudden acceleration event
  • Times of rushing through yellow light
  • Avg. driving time
  • Time in traffic jam
  • Recorded video from each trip



App Features

  • GPS Navigation
  • Driving report  (data visualizations / driving, safety tips)
  • Online video storage / video sharing community
  • Profile / settings

User Flow


Data Visualization

This app is particular focused on data visualization,  the squares are representing every completed trip. Height and color are representing the time spent in traffic. High-speed driving will increase the width of the square. The colored square shows overall time spent which could help user on time management. 




Project Reflection

For this project, I would like to add more details on data visualization and user interface, also expand the project further on emotional value towards user. I felt the app is multifunctional but lack of fun and entertainment.  The app could be improved if there is an interesting entertainment feature to ensure the app daily usage and motivate user in a positive way. 

Typeface design

Typeface design