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A Simple to Use Mobile Ordering App For Teas (っ´ω`c)

A Simple to Use Mobile Ordering App For Teas (っ´ω`c)


My very first mobile application design. As internet browsing migrates from the desktop to mobile devices, many businesses, organizations and institutions are in the process of providing smartphone services to their users. The project is focusing on the design and development of a tea ordering mobile application.

Project Duration

Nov 10 - Dec 1, 2017 (3 weeks)

Target audience

The age range of my target audience is from 17 to 45 year old, mainly post-secondary students and salaryman, who pursuit efficiency and usually lives in urban areas where nearby schools, companies or in densely populated place. The target audience often uses mobile devices or laptops, and able to access wifi connection easily. My project would help them save more time and improve working efficiency. 


Name: Kam


Occupation: Post-secondary student

Problem: Kam has lots of homework every week, she always stay up late to finish her project, coffee is one of her essential goods in university life.

Name: Anna

Age: 23

Occupation: Office secretary

Problem: Every morning Candice will buy coffee before going to work, but she always spend so much time on lining up in store.



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