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 Wordpress Website Design

Wordpress Website Design


April - June 2018,  Wordpress Website Design Summary

(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ Under Construction 


Prototype  https://invis.io/TKLNK8T94N8

Client Name  Peekaboo

Date Created  April 17, 2018

Company Background

Canadian based company (2018). Full service parenting company. Products initially starting with: 

  • Luxury stylish compact diaper bags
  • Kleenex holders
  • Maternity wear


Prototype  https://invis.io/JCLNN1LFQK5

Client Name  Element Fence

Date Created  April 10, 2018


Prototype  https://invis.io/AZLQXYU5MTY

Client Name  Knewsales

Date Created June 11, 2018

Company Background

Knewsales Group was founded in 2002 in Toronto Ontario, Canada by Partners Neil Spivack and Mike Kuipers. Knewsales produces memorable customer experiences through customer acquisition programs: experiential sales, direct sales, retail training, and data capture.


Prototype  https://invis.io/HQLRZHXA6KU

Client Name  Emerald Sky Pictures

Date Created May 1, 2018

A Simple to Use Mobile Ordering App For Teas (っ´ω`c)

A Simple to Use Mobile Ordering App For Teas (っ´ω`c)